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Sharidon Farms is a small family farm located approximately 40 miles NE of Kansas City. We want to know what is in our food and where it comes from so decided to settle on a small farm so we could grow some of it ourselves. 

Lowline Supreme Sale, featuring over
25 head from Sharidon Farms.

The sale will be Sunday, Nov 8th at 1pm
Daviess County Livestock in Gallatin, MO

Click Here >> The sale catalog is now available for download. 
Please refer to it for more details as well as information about possible transportation options.

Can’t attend in person, sale will be webcast

Click here for information on some of the Sharidon Farm’s cattle featured in the sale
Check back regularly for further updates leading up to the sale.  

Kiko kids playing on a Lowline cow on a cold winter night


We raise fullblood Lowline Angus cattle of superior genetics, selling both registered Lowline breeding stock to others as well a limited amount of all natural, grass finished beef.

We also raise and sell registered 100% New Zealand Kiko meat goats. We utilize multi-species, rotational grazing practices to make most efficient use of our farm forage.  

In addition to growing our own meat, eggs, some fruits and vegetables we also take the natural nutritional supplement, Zeal.   Learn more about Zeal from this 9 min video or visit my Zeal Website. Read more, About Us

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FAQ: Answers to common questions about Sharidon Farms Lowline cattle management

The Advantages of Lowline Cattle
  • Angus based breed. Our customers are familiar with Angus beef so no explanation or education is required to introduce the Lowline Angus into our marketing.
  • Genetically selected cattle to finish on grass;
  • Excellent tasting, tender beef;
  • Early maturing cattle
  • Approx 60% the size of commercial Angus cattle;
  • Smaller animals allow for increased stocking rate;
  • Ideally suited to smaller farmstead;
  • Docile, easy to care for, great for kids;
  • Naturally polled;
  • Cows are excellent mothers, easy calving;
  • No dwarfism

The Advantages of 100% NZ Kiko Goats

  • Hardy, efficient foraging meat goats
  • Kikos are parasite and disease resistant, requiring less maintenance than other breeds
  • Early maturing, aggressive breeders
  • Strong maternal instincts and vigorous, fast growing kids
  • Does are medium sized at maturity yet are able to wean their bodyweight in kids
  • Improve cattle pastures by naturally controlling brush and weeds
Last Update: October 13, 2015
What's New...

Visit us at one of these free events:
Oklahoma Hills Meat Goat Conference and Kiko Sale, Porum OK
September 11th & 12th
Check out the does we have consigned to this sale
More information on the free conference and sale here

Ozark Fall Farmfest, Springfield, MO
October 2nd – 4th
  Sharidon Farms will be exhibiting both Lowlines and Kikos at this event.  Come take a look. 

New Listings of both Lowline cattle and 100% NZ Kiko goats for Sale:

Spring is here, the grass is greening up. If you are interested in adding to or creating a herd, take a look at what we have available. Demand is usually quite high at this time of year so don't hesitate.

History of Lowlines by Malcolm Edwards

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